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Romney, President Obama Spar Over Solar Company Failures

By June 4, 2012

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Once again, what goes around, comes around. As reported in today's Boston Globe, only days after presidential candidate Mitt Romney criticized President Obama for allowing alternative energy loans to go to a solar start-up that seemed promising but later went bankrupt, Romney is having to eat his words. It seems he's found himself in a similar situation today when a company he helped with financial assistance through the state of Massachusetts while governor is facing bankruptcy as well.

So, boys, what have we learned? Both companies looked good on paper and held a lot of potential with some very knowledgeable and experienced people behind them. Both the president's administration and Romney's appeared to be acting in good faith. But before Romney decided to use Solyndra's demise for political gain, you would have thought someone in his campaign may have seen the possibility of it backfiring, given the similar situations. A renewable energy start-up is just that, a start-up. Not every company is going to make it, even those with several years of success under their belts and a bit of help from the government. Instead of the candidate criticizing the president and ending up with egg on his own face, or the Obama camp enjoying a chuckle, I would have preferred hearing what they consider to be the priority pieces of their green energy platforms going forward so that I can help to inform all of you where the candidate and the President stand on issues like alternative energy development.

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