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What Is Diesel Common Rail Direct (CRD) Injection? - Hybrid Cars
Find out how diesel common rail direct injection (CRD) works.
How a Diesel - Biodiesel Vehicle Works - Hybrid Cars - About.com
Learn the basics about what a diesel/biodiesel vehicle is and how it works.
What is a Clean Diesel? - Hybrid Cars - About.com
Clean diesels utilize advanced fuel delivery and exhaust scrubbing ... Diesel Vehicle Basics · How Does a Diesel Engine Work and Why is it Efficient?
How Does a Diesel Engine Work and Why Is It Efficient? - Auto Repair
Why is a diesel engine more efficient than an equivalent gasoline engine? What is a turbo diesel? There are a lot of physics in the answer to these questions, but  ...
How diesel engines work - the gritty details - Cars - About.com
Both gasoline and diesel engines consist of one or more cylinders, each of which houses a piston that moves up and down. In a gasoline engine, as the piston ...
The Science Behind What Makes a Diesel Engine Work - Auto Repair
Whether you drive a diesel or are just really into engines, you will want to know what makes you a diesel engine work. It's not like a gasoline engine, and if ...
The Difference Between Diesel and Gas Engines - Auto Repair
What's the difference between a diesel engine and a gas engine, and can I put gas in my diesel engine car? ... How Does a Diesel Engine Work? By Matthew ...
Driving A Diesel In The Winter - Auto Repair - About.com
Q. Dear Vincent, Hi, your article about diesel engines is very informative! ... I'm familiar how diesel engines work, but my knowledge about diesel engines stops  ...
Diesel & Biodiesel Vehicles in Cold Weather
Check out these three things to keep your diesel running smoothly all winter long ... If your vehicle is equipped with glow plugs, they need to be in good working ...
Diesel Injection - Auto Repair - About.com
A diesel engine uses a slightly different version of fuel injection. Check out the differences ... How Does a Diesel Engine Work and Why is it Efficient? Ads. &ensp.
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