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2007 Propane Vehicles Available


Propane. It’s one of the leading alternative fuels in the United States. Also known as liquefied propane gas (LPG), propane is the third most common vehicular fuel, with over 8 million vehicles worldwide using it. Many of these are used in fleets of trucks, buses, taxicabs, rental, and delivery vehicles.

Unfortunately, you can’t go to the car dealer down the street and pick out a propane-powered car. The choices are currently very limited—but if you ask, you may be able to score a special order. Some manufacturers will build them, they just don’t advertise the fact. The more we ask though, the more the manufacturers will answer.

What’s another option? Think conversion. That’s right. . . if you can’t order it, aren’t a fleet owner, or don’t drive a bus daily, try conversion. A converted propane vehicle is one that was originally manufactured to run on gasoline or diesel but has been altered to use propane. And the good news is that with few modifications, virtually any engine can be converted to run on propane. Stay tuned for more on conversions.

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