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Reader Question: What EVs are Available with 50 mph Capability?


Myers Motors Electric Car - NmG No More Gas - Personal Electric Vehicle - NmG EV

The NmG Personal Personal Electric Vehicle from Myers Motors.

© Myers Motors

Daniel wrote: What cars are available to purchase now or maybe in 2009? Looking for 40- to 50-mile range with a top speed of around 50 miles per hour for around town.

Hi Daniel,

Good question. As you probably saw from our current list of electrics there are only a couple that meet those requirements:

  • Myers Motors NmG is a single-seater, all-electric vehicle that can travel 70+ mph, although the range is a bit lower than you’re looking for: 30 miles.
  • Don’t know if you live in CA, but Phoenix Motorcars is offering a number of their previously fleet-only all electrics to consumers this year—and they’re due to release a consumer version of their fleet vehicle in late 2009.

The good news is that both Phoenix and Myers Motors do have plans to branch out into consumer models in 2009/2010, so it seems like your options and choices will soon be expanding.

  • Tesla Roadster – Deposits and reservations are being taken now for the 2009 model, with a wait of 12 months.

Also, if you like the 3-wheeled models, check out the BugE and Triac available—the guys at EVcast.com have written about them.

Of course, there are also conversions available—don’t know if that’s an option for you or not—but there are a number of companies that will take a conventional gasoline car and turn it into an all-electric (like the eBox or the Mullen L1X-75 GT. We have more coverage planned on this topic soon, but here are a few companies to get you started:

The EV industry is really starting to take off, and lots of manufacturers have vehicles under development as battery range improvements continue. It may behoove you to sit on the sidelines for another couple of years and wait for more and even better choices. Hope this helps—and let us know if you have any more questions.

Christine & Scott

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