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Hybrid & Electric Cars - By Category

Alternative Fuels 101: Learn the Basics
Learn the basics on alternative fuels. Find out about biodiesel, E85, hydrogen, fuel cells and electric vehicles: how they work, how they differ from conventional fuels and how alternative fuels make a difference.

Vehicle Reviews
Get the lowdown on the hybrid and alternative fuel cars, trucks and SUVs that we've reviewed. From our first impressions to final buying recommendations--it's all here.

Buying Hybrid Cars and Alternative Fuel Trucks and SUVs
Alternative fuel and hybrid cars, trucks and SUVs--there are so many choices. Read on for the best tips to finding the right alternative fuel vehicle, in addition to finding local fuel stations.

Types of Vehicles
There is a vast array of vehicles designed to utilize alternative fuels. Learn more about the current options and the concepts to come.

From the owners: Learn more about the experiences and real life stories of owning a hybrid or alt fuel vehicle.

Types of Fuels: Each One Explained
From biodiesel and ethanol (E85) to hydrogen and propane, learn the specific characteristics of each fuel and where to find them near you.

Money Matters and Spending Decisions
Learn more about hybrid car and alternative fuel vehicle tax credits, rebates and incentives.

Technology & Development: Leading the Way
Read about the latest developments in alternative fuels. From new types of fuels to improved manufacturing and distribution, find out what's keeping researchers busy.

Environmental Impact
The use of alternative fuels can reduce exhaust emissions, lessen the carbon footprint and also the global warming effects of cars, trucks and SUVs. Learn more.

Vehicle Maintenance Guide
Keep your car or truck running its best. Learn simple do-it-yourself maintenance for all times of the year, plus tips on finding a mechanic when needed.

Lifestyle: Everyday Choices That Make a Difference
From choosing fuel efficient cars to improved driving habits, discover even more ways to improve your auto fuel economy, reduce your carbon footprint and make greener car choices.

Explore definitions and glossary terms about alternative fuels.

Laws & Policies
Learn more about the National Energy Policy, the Environmental Protection Agency Act of 1992, and how these laws and policies regarding emissions and efficiency standards can affect your everyday choices.

Political Considerations: Walking the Tightrope
Learn more about the responses, roles and influences of government, industry and private citizens in the future of renewable and alternative energy technologies.

Other Applications: It's Not Just for Cars
From home heating to agriculture and public transportation usage, alternative fuels are powering much more than daily-driver vehicles. Discover the many other uses of alternative fuels.

Future Cars
Future Cars

Green Motor Sports
Green Motor Sports


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