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Alternative Fuels 101: Learn the Basics

Learn the basics on alternative fuels. Find out about biodiesel, E85, hydrogen, fuel cells and electric vehicles: how they work, how they differ from conventional fuels and how alternative fuels make a difference.

Compressed Natural Gas Conversion Companies
These companies offer kits or installation for CNG conversion.

Renewable Energy Associations Can Be Useful Green Resources
Here's a list of associations and agencies that can serve as a resource on alternative fuels.

What Makes Energy an Alternative Source?
It can be confusing to understand what is meant by the term alternative energy.

Advanced Biofuel Technologies
It is helpful to understand the processes involved in producing biofuels.

Fuel Cells Offer Non-Combustion Option
Understanding how fuel cells produce electricity lead to greener applications.

Check Out These Quick Questions on Algae Biofuels
Learn the answers to these questions on algae biofuels.

Three Quick Questions on Algae Biofuels
Learn the answers to these questions on algae biofuels.

Vehicle Advancements Hinge on Battery Development
Lithium ion battery development is pivotal to vehicle advancement.

Identifying Energy as an Alternative Source
Defining alternative energy terms can lead to a better understanding of alternative energy sources.

Top Five Reasons to Use Alternative Fuels
Top five reasons for using biofuels.

Five Things to Know About Clean Diesel
Here is what you need to know about clean diesel.

Quiz Yourself on Ethanol Facts
Can you tell fact from fiction on ethanol?

Five Facts to Know About Biomass
Biomass is derived from organic material, but is not the same as fossil fuels.

Five Things to Know About Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles
Here are five important facts about hyrogen fuel cell vehicles.

Five Facts to Know About Compressed Natural Gas
Learn these five quick facts about compressed natural gas use in vehicles.

Learn Five Quick Facts About Algae as a Fuel
Learn five quick facts about trends impacting algae biofuels.

Quick Facts About Propane Vehicles
Fact or fiction about propane-fueled vehicles.

Five Facts to Know About Biodiesel
Learn these five facts on biodiesel.

Emerging Fuels Contribute to Diverse Energy Portfolio
New fuels may have some impact on the nation's future energy portfolio.

Understanding How Biomass Works
Biomass could be an important player in the country's future energy portfolio.

Five Things You Should Know About Ethanol
Quick facts you should know about ethanol.

Natural Gas Faces Hurdles for Future Growth as Alternative Fuel
Environmental concerns may geatly impact the growth of natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel.

Quiz Yourself on Natural Gas Facts
Do you know fact versus fiction on vehicular natural gas?

Understanding CNG - Basics on Compressed Natural Gas
Understanding CNG - Basics on Compressed Natural Gas

Quiz Yourself on Biodiesel Facts
Test Your Knowledge of Biodiesel Fact or Fiction.

Understanding Basics of Flex Fuel Vehicles
Understanding flex fuel vehicles basics

Find Alt Fuel Near You
Ever wonder where to find a biofuel filling station in your neighborhood? Click into these up-to-date databases to find the closest filling stations to you.

Algae Facility Opens in Kentucky - One of World's Largest Algae Facilities Opens
Algae Facility Opens in Kentucky - One of World's Largest Algae Facilities Opens

Five Questions to Ask Before Natural Gas Conversion
Before undertaking natural gas conversion of your vehicle, be sure you know what questions to consider regarding regulations, cost and infrastructure.

Alternative Fuel FAQ
You've got questions, we've got answers. Stop here to get the lowdown on the most frequently asked questions about alternative fuels.

So why aren't we all filling up with biodiesel or E85?
Yeah, we know you want to know why more people aren't using alt fuels. The answer may surprise you.

Do I have to drive differently?
Wondering if you'll have to change everything you've learned to take the wheel of an AFV? The answer may surprise you.

Is alternative fuel hard to find?
Wondering if you'll be able to find fueling stations for that new AFV? Read on.

How much does an alternative fuel vehicle cost?
Wondering if an alternative fuel vehicle will cost more than a conventional gasoline one? You've come to the right place.

What is a hybrid vehicle?
Start here to learn the basics about hybrid vehicles.

What is a flex-fuel vehicle?
Start here for answers about flex-fuel vehicles and how to find current FFVs that run on E85.

Alternative Fuels 101
Learn the basic facts on the array of alternative fuels, from biodiesel and ethanol to propane and p-series.

Frequently Asked Questions: Alternative Fuels
Find out the answers to frequently asked questions about alternative fuels.

Top 10 Reasons to Make the Switch to Alternative Fuels
Why should you change your ways and go from using traditional fuels to the alternatives? Here are the top 10 reasons to go for it.

Alternative Fuels Station Locator
Find out where the nearest alternative fuel stations are in your neighborhood.

Run a Diesel on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) Part 1
Part 1 of a series on running a car on WVO

Run a Diesel on Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions about running a car on WVO

Algae Biofuels: Questions and Answers
Understanding algae as a biofuel.

Biodiesel Production from Algae
Understand how algae is made into biodiesel.

Making Biodiesel from Algae
Understand how algae is made into biodiesel.

The Basics
Learn the basics about alternative fuels and green vehicles.

Offshore Wind Energy Represents Untapped Resource
Innovative approaches to offshore wind energy development are gaining ground.

New Process for Producing Cellulosic Ethanol Holds Promise
Cellulosic biofuels process borrows technology from the petroleum industry.

Check these Resources to Learn More About Alternative Energy Sources
These resources can help you learn the latest about three common renewable energy sources.

CNG Vehicles: Here We Go Again
CNG vehicles made a splash in the mid 1990s and quickly fell out of favor when gasoline prices plummeted. Will the recent surge have the same results?

Renewed Interest In CNG Vehicles, But Where Are The Cars?
While there’s plenty of pickups and vans available that use natural gas as a fuel, there are only two passenger cars, Honda’s Civic Natural Gas and the soon-to-arrive Chevrolet Impala.

2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid Test Drive
When it comes to handling, the 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid is more than competent, devoid of most vices and totally predicable. It corners well and the steering has good on-center feel.

More MPG Woes For Ford C-Max Plus, Other Hybrids And Fiestas
Ford bragged about the 2013 C-Max Hybrid’s fuel economy rating, then got mud in its eye when forced to lower the numbers. Now it’s happened again and the Blue Oval is covered in the gooey stuff.

2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Overview

2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Overview
If price has kept you from plugging into the electric car bandwagon, say “Hi” to the i, Mitsubishi’s i-MiEV. Maximum federal and state incentives can lower the price to less than $13,000.

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