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Got Alt fuel Questions? Start Here.


Sorting through the wealth of information about alternative fuels certainly can be intimidating. If you've ever really wondered what your choices are beyond gasoline, here's a great place to find answers.


Biodiesel is a popular alternative fuel. There are millions of diesel vehicles already on the roads all set for a tankful of this fuel. Made from new or waste vegetable oil or animal fats, biodiesel is a domestically-grown and produced fuel that can be mixed with petroleum diesel fuel to help cut emissions and particulates.


Tap the power of the electron. Whether that electricity is generated from sunlight, wind or even nuclear, those electrons can provide a cleaner, greener source of transportation, from hybrids (think full, mild and plug-ins) to fuel cells and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs). Yep, electricity is an easy to make and readily available alt fuel.


E85. It's poppin' up on fuel pumps all around the world. After all, ethanol is the fuel that flexes with gasoline in millions of flex-fuel vehicles that can fill up on E85 and/or gasoline in any percentage. Domestically produced from grain or biomass, ethanol holds promise for helping to meet cleaner transportation needs of the future.


Hydrogen, it's the first element on the periodic table and is thought to make up 90 percent of the atoms of the world. Think of the rain, the snow, the oceans, the basis of life on this planet. Hydrogen as an alternative fuel holds immense potential to provide cleaner power--from fuel cells to powering internal combustion engines, hydrogen is well on its way to becoming the smarter, greener future of alternative fuels.

Natural Gas

Natural gas, sometimes called methane, doesn't just come from cows. Here's a clean and inexpensive alternative to gasoline that is a by-product from oil drilling. It's also harvested from natural gas fields--even landfills are a hidden bonus source of methane. Natural gas powered vehicles are produced by some manufacturers and conversions may also be made to gasoline-powered engines. Natural gas is a super choice for clean, efficient motoring.


Propane is a fuel that burns so cleanly it's often used for forklifts and other engine-powered equipment inside buildings. While it shares the same characteristics of natural gas, propane is manufactured, not naturally occurring. If you think propane is limited to cooking and space heating, think again. You just might be able to tap into the alternative fuel revolution with this popular fleet fuel.

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