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Top 2 Fiction Car Books


Looking for good stories that have an automotive theme? Look no further. Here's a fine selection.

1. Car Trouble: A Novel

The cover of [i]Car Trouble[/i] - by Jeannes DuPrau
by Jeanne DuPrau

Computer whiz Duff Pringle, 17, has a used car and six days. His goal: get from Virginia to California where a job creating computer games awaits him. Tapping into his techno-knowledge, Duff begins breaking out of his shell and gaining confidence in himself, his decisions and his life—and even encounters some alternative fuel. An easy, entertaining read with a good ending.
Recommended for ages 9-12, 288 pages.

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2. The Car

The cover of [i]The Car[/i] - by Gary Paulsen
by Gary Paulsen

Abandoned by his parents, 14-year-old Terry Anders sets out in a car built from a kit to find an uncle he only vaguely remembers. During his journey from Cleveland to Oregon, he meets two Vietnam veterans who take him on an exciting yet educational tour of the United States.
Recommended for ages 12 and up, 192 pages.

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