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Three More Top Reasons to Purchase an EV

Here's Why You Should Consider an Electric Vehicle


Gone are the days when most consumers would pass by an electric vehicle because they were concerned about being stranded with no battery power. Today's EVs are extended range vehicles that can get you where you need to go on a single charge most of the time.

That being said, here are three most top reasons for given due consideration to an EV the next time you find yourself making a new car purchase:

Avoid the Service Lines. Though it would seem an obvious reason for considering electric car ownership, few consumers think about all the time and money saved as they avoid the quick lube line and car repair shop. While plenty of worry has been devoted to concerns over battery life or what happens to an electric vehicle in an accident, very little has been said about the decreased amount of maintenance these vehicles require. Think about it. There is no oil change because the electric car operates quite nicely without need a gas engine, thank you very much. But also out the door are these little nuisances to replace: air filters, fan belts, spark plugs and the like. Seem incredible? Think about how EVs use regenerative braking to slow the car rather than the use of mechanical friction and you'll start to see why electric vehicles are able to stay in shape without the same regular "check ups" that conventional cars require, right down to causing less wear and tear on brake pads. Meanwhile, none of the major parts of an electric car--the motor nor the battery--require regular service. While lithium ion batteries will eventually lose their power to hold a charge, the process moves at a snails pace, all but ensuring you won't need to replace an expensive battery over the life of your car. In fact, both Chevy and Nissan are offering 8-year/100,000-mile warrantees for batteries in the LEAF and Volt.

No more find time to fill up. Imagine waking every day to a full tank of gas. In a sense, that's what you'll get with an EV. Every evening, you can charge your vehicle so that it will be fully charge and ready to go. Instead of finding time to run by a gas station, you'll merely fit the few seconds it takes to plug in your vehicle a part of your regular routine. Need to travel? Not to worry. While you will probably want to install a relatively low-cost charging station at home when you purchase your new EV, electric vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt allow you to charge up from a standard outlet while on the road.

Contribute to the nation's energy security. Think one decision by you can't make a difference in the nation's energy portfolio or dependence on foreign oil? Think again. While there are plenty of personal benefits to making the switch to an EV, you can also feel good knowing that your decision to go electric is contributing to a reduction in U.S. dependence on foreign oil. While it may seem like one choice can't matter, it's the combined trend toward alternative vehicle ownership that can help the country avoid conflicts in foreign policy that stem from dependence on oil imports from outside the borders. Electricity is a home-grown energy choice and even its production is almost entirely dependent on energy resources plentiful on a domestic basis--natural gas and coal. With advancements like clean coal and production of natural gas from renewable biomass, the carbon footprint for owning an EV continues to shrink. Now, doesn't that sound better than pumping in nearly 5 million barrels of oil a day from OPEC nations?

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