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Environmental Impact

The use of alternative fuels can reduce exhaust emissions, lessen the carbon footprint and also the global warming effects of cars, trucks and SUVs. Learn more.

Energy Choices Impact More than Air Pollutants
Fossil fuels are not only impacting climate change, but depleting the nation's freshwater resources as well.

Should You Choose Diesel?
It is important to understand the environmental pros and cons of using diesel.

Top Five Reasons to Switch to a Hybrid Vehicle
Choosing to drive a hybrid contributes to greener living.

Lithium Ion Battery Development Goes for the Green
Lithium ion battery research seeks to improve renewable qualities.

Solar Energy is a Clean, Renewable Fuel Choice
Harnessing the sun's energy leads to a clean, renewable fuel.

Five Quick Facts About PZEVs
Learn the basics about PZEVs.

Renewable Fuels Association Critizes EPA Report
Renewable Fuels Association Critizes EPA Report

Audi Mileage Marathon across the United States
Check out these photos from the Audi Mileage Marathon, detailing Scott's drive in Wave 1.

Battery Technologies Charge Ahead
As more EVs and hybrids hit the highway, research has escalated into devlopment of a more powerful, environmentally friendly, lower cost battery.

Drop-in Fuels Are Road Ready
Drop-in fuels are a diverse class of renewable fuels, but all are defined by their ability to be utilized without major changes in infrastructure.

Toyota Embraces Sustainable Mobility
Learn more about how Toyota is incorporating wise eco-practices and supporting sustainable mobility.

Vegetable Oil Powered Eco Bus Tour
Vegetable oil power was the fuel of choice for this bus that traveled cross-country. We talk to Zak Zaidman to learn more.

Thrifty Drive: Eco-driving with Scott
Take a seat beside Scott as he drives us through the details and specifics of how he regularly beats EPA mileage ratings by 15 to 20 percent with plain ole common sense.

Costs Can Hinder Algae Development
Technological breakthroughs are necessary to help algae become competitive with petroleum.

Holiday SOS: Take Time for a Green-er Christmas
Scratch off your holiday to-do list and use these tips to live a little lighter on the earth.

Its WinterWhats Happened to my Cars Fuel Economy?
Find out what to do to lessen the bite of cold weather effect on your vehicle's fuel economy.

Take Five to $ave Fuel
Seven tips that will help you get better fuel mileage plus slash your fuel budget and greenhouse gas contribution.

Global Warming: Be Part of the Solution
Global warming--it's a hot topic. Learn how you can take action to reduce your vehicle's greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions.

Auto Manufacturers and Global Warming
How do auto manufacturers contribute to global warming? Learn more about vehicles' contribution to the earth's carbon load.

Global Warming and Vehicles
Global warming. Yes, scientists have confirmed it--global warming is happening as we speak. Learn more about the major contributors to the overload of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon dioxide.

Why Should I Care About Using Alternative Fuels?
What's the big deal? Does it really matter if I fill up with gasoline or propane? Learn why renewables are making such a big impact in the energy world.

What are the Environmental Impacts of Hurricane Katrina?
Oils spills, industrial waste and raw sewage: Learn more about the environmental impacts of Hurricane Katrina.

10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Global Warming
Here are ten easy ways to reduce your energy costs and your use of fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming. Save money and the planet at the same time.

What is Fracking?
Defining the term "fraction."

Top 10 Environmental News Sources
Stay informed: Here are the best online sources for environmental news.

Learn These Five Quick Facts About Battery Development
Five fun facts about battery research as it relates.

Clean Energy: Learn More About Renewable Energy & the Environment
From the Union of Concerned Scientists: Learn about the environmental implications of both fossil fuels and renewable energy sources.

What The Heck Is A Compliance Car?
Compliance cars are designed and built specifically to comply with California regulations, and allow automakers to sell other vehicles in the state.

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