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Top Five Reasons to Switch to a Hybrid Vehicle

With a Growing Number of Available Models, the Time May Be Right to Switch


Popularity of hybrid vehicles has surpassed interest in all-electric vehicles and there are a number of hybrid types available, from plug-in to light eco-assit vehicles. Once confined to only a few models, more and more automakers are adding hybrid versions to their more popular models, providing consumers with more choices in purchasing a hybrid vehicle.

1. Great Selection, Regardless of Your Needs

Whether you are looking for a small commuter vehicle, a touring luxury sedan or an SUV, there are now an increasing number of hybrid vehicles on the market to fit your needs. Once restricted to only a small number of models from just a few automakers, hybrids today are available from a large number of manufacturers and in a variety of styles. No longer is style and functionality a deciding factor between a hybrid vehicle and its conventional counterpart. There are even hybrid versions of full-size pick-up trucks on the market today.

2. Outstanding Fuel Economy

There is little denying it: when comparing vehicles, hybrids are almost always class leaders for fuel economy. The ability of a hybrid to make use of an electric motor in certain driving situations means you use less fuel. Other features of hybrid vehicles, including some of the most impressive aerodynamics in the marketplace, help to further give hybrid vehicles the edge. The same holds true for driver assist technology that provides real-time feedback on the energy efficiency of your driving habits.

3. Be Kind to the Environment

One of the driving forces behind hybrid car ownership is that it supports a greener lifestyle. By decreasing reliance on a conventional gas combustion engine, you can reduce the emission of harmful greenhouse gas into the environment. Many hybrid vehicles include other green features as well, such as interiors made of environmentally friendly materials and exteriors designed to resist drag and make the most efficient use of fuel. In addition, hybrid vehicles are being developed that make use of other alternative energy sources, greening up the electric generation that makes a hybrid a hybrid.

4. Support Green Companies

It's no secret that companies produce what consumers want. By supporting the demand for greener vehicles, you provide positive feedback to automakers and developers to improve the efficiency of hybrid technologies. Without a growing market for hybrids, it is difficult to attract investment dollars into research areas such as improving battery technologies and development of innovative power trains. If the U.S. demand for hybrids weakens, automakers will focus on producing hybrids for markets in other areas of the globe and the number of domestically available hybrid vehicles will continue to shrink.

5. Save Some Green

Yes, you really may find that you save money by making the switch to a hybrid vehicle, despite a higher initial purchase price. Too often, potential consumers are turned off by hybrid versions of their favorite vehicles because they face a purchase price several thousands of dollars higher than the conventional model. But push a pencil a bit before deciding against such a purchase. Factor in the amount of gas purchase you can reasonably expect to save over the lifetime of the car. But don't stop there. Think about some of the potential costly repairs associated with gas combustion engines. Once consumers shied away from the idea of hybrid vehicle repair because they feared costly battery replacement but that's no longer the concern it once was thanks to automakers that give lifetime battery replacement guarantees and better battery technologies in general. Fuel efficiency and fewer major repair bills means it is more than reasonable for you to expect to spend less on your hybrid over the life of the vehicle.

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