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2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid


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Adequate Interior Without a Lot to Shout About
2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid Interior View

The 2012 Fusion Hybrid interior gets the job done but don't look for any unique styling to set it apart from the competition. To me, it looked a bit too much like grandmother's car.

Photo: Lori Weaver

I guess it's all a matter of taste. I've heard complaints from a few people that the interiors of today's vehicles are beginning to look a bit like the cockpit of a fighter jet with extreme contemporary styling coupled with digital information centers and updated instrument panels. But I truly do mean a few people, with the emphasis on few. Most people are like me. They salivate over those "fighter jet" interiors and admire the look of the newest models. I admit, I was pretty pleased myself to slide behind the wheel of a new vehicle recently and say goodbye to the old-fashioned styling of my older model circa 2005.

Given my fondness for that sort of high-tech interior, the Fusion Hybrid left me wanting in the looks department and was a bit dull for my taste. With its rather plain look and a climate control configuration that could have been pulled from an earlier luxury car, the Fusion is nice enough but can't quite deliver what consumers are coming to expect from the instrument panel and climate control functions of new cars. On the positive side, for those consumers who don't want to agonize they will hit the wrong digital control or forget how to get to the display of their choice, the Fusion could be a breath of fresh air. One man's (or woman's) plain jane look is another's elegant simplicity.

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