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Meet the Smallest Member of the Toyota Prius Family


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2012 Toyota Prius c
2012 Toyota Prius c

The smaller size of the Toyota Prius c means some sacrifice in aerodynamics.

Photo: Toyota Motor Corporation

Toyota has expanded its Prius into an entire family of cars. Last year, Toyota added the Prius v to the Prius and now the baby of the family, the Prius c, is unveiled. Priced $4,000 cheaper than its bigger relatives and sized a foot and a half shorter, the Prius c offers a nice option for would-be hybrid buyers on a budget or those who would like to own a piece of the Prius family but would prefer a smaller vehicle.

The Prius c is available in four trim levels, not surpassingly named One, Two, Three and Four. Pricing starts at $19,710 ($18,950 plus a manditory $760 destination charge), and includes air conditioning, power windows, mirrors and locks, and a four-speaker CD stereo with USB and Bluetooth.

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