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Toyota's 2013 Prius Family


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2013 Toyota Prius 2

The 2013 Toyota Prius 2 represents Toyota's base Prius model.

Photo: Toyota

The 2013 Prius comes in four trims: Prius Two, Prius Three, Prius Four and Prius Five. As you might guess, as the model number rises, so does the price and features. This five-door Prius Liftback is the foundation of the Prius family and remains its best-seller. The unchanged exterior for 2013 continues to feature a vertical rear, wedge-shaped silhouette familiar to Prius fans. That wedge shape has served the Prius well, minimizing drag and helping the vehicle achieve its impressive fuel economy rating.

At the 2013 Toyota Prius core is its Hybrid Synergy Drive system with two motor-generators able to power the Prius on electric alone at speeds up to 30 mph, while also providing the ability to add torque for supplementing the power of the Prius' 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine and recharge the battery pack. The 2013 engine and drive motor yield 134 horsepower, edging out acceleration of its predecessors. Toyota's years of experience in producing hybrids continues to show.

MSRP: $24,200

Fuel Economy: 51 city/48 hwy. estimated mpg

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