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2011 Chevy Volt

GM's Electric-Hybrid Car Offers 40 miles of Gasoline- and Emissions-free Driving


GM has revealed the long-awaited production photos of their beloved Volt, the plug-in hybrid that's set to go into production in late 2010. And that means we'll be seeing them on the streets in early 2011 (hopefully). And just imagine being able to drive daily for less than a cup of coffee. That'll be the price of charging up the Chevy Volt: using peak electric rates and using an average of 15,000 miles per year, the Volt is set to save its owners $1,500 per year--and we bet that'll be even more in the years to come. While we're still waiting for the Volt's pricing to be announced, here are some details and photos on the car that GM calls its E-REV, Extended-Range Electric Vehicle. We say it's about time that a plug-in hybrid is offered to the masses.
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Chevy Volt electric car photoChevy Volt exterior2011 Chevy Volt electric car photoExtended-Range Electric Vehicle (E-REV)Chevy Volt electric car front end photofront endChevy Volt electric car interiorinterior
Chevy Volt steering wheel & driver controls photosteering wheelChevy Volt dashboard gaugesdashboard and gaugesChevy Volt electric car rear wheel left rear wheel Chevy Volt electric car badge on trunk photobadge on trunk
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