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Hybrids 101


What is a hybrid vehicle?

It’s the hot eco-car type on the tips of everyone’s tongues, but do you really know what a hybrid car is? One easy way to remember is to think of the meaning of the word hybrid—the offspring of two very different species—yet one that combines characteristics of both. Take an electric motor and combine with an internal combustion engine. Voilá—one baby that combines the best of both, from two very different parents indeed.

How do hybrids work?

All hybrids have one thing in common—they are always in a constant state of drawing from or recharging the battery. Learn more about the inner workings of hybrid vehicles and the differences between a mild, full and plug-in hybrid.

Why is electricity an alt fuel?

Alternative fuels are changing the transportation world. They aren’t always (and won’t be in the future, either) sloshing liquids pumped into traditional fluid-holding fuel tanks. Harnessing energy to be used for our transportation needs will be taking many new and varied forms as the technology and research expands into new horizons. Think electricity, fuel cells, hydrogen … with more yet to be discovered.

Hybrid vehicle FAQs

Wondering if it’s expensive to replace hybrid batteries—or how long they usually last? Stop by and check out the answers to some of the most commonly-asked questions about hybrids.

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