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Laws & Policies

Learn more about the National Energy Policy, the Environmental Protection Agency Act of 1992, and how these laws and policies regarding emissions and efficiency standards can affect your everyday choices.

New Fuel Standards Aimed at Bringing New Choices to Market
Newly announced fuel standards will have several effects for consumers, automakers.

New Funding Could Boost Necessary Technological Breakthroughs
The federal government has announced new funding available to alternative fuel development, specifically in the areas of algae biofuels and natural gas.

Five Quick Facts About PZEVs
Understand the standards behind PZEVs.

Administration Proposes Deep Cuts to Hydrogen Car Research
Hydrogen car research could fall victim to belt-tightening if the Obama Administration’s proposed funding cuts become reality.

Bailing Out Detroit
What are the deeper implications of bailing out the Big Three?

Five Questions to Ask Before Natural Gas Conversion
Before undertaking natural gas conversion of your vehicle, be sure you know what questions to consider regarding regulations, cost and infrastructure.

John McCain’s Alt Fuel Stance
Learn more about John McCain's stance on alternative fuel and energy issues.

Barack Obama's Alt Fuel Stance
Learn more about Barack Obama's stance on alternative fuel and energy issues.

The New Energy Reform Act of 2008
The new ERA proposed by the Gang of 10 holds promise in reducing oil and gas prices and America's dependence upon foreign oil.

The Gang of Ten Plan
With gas, oil and fuel prices hitting their highest points ever in 2008, ten senators have stepped up to the plate with a plan that could help resolve America's energy issues.

Twenty in Ten
Learn more about the initiative unveiled in President Bush's State of the Union Address. It's a proposal designed to enhance and increase the use of alternative fuels in the United States.

EPA Proposal to Weaken Air Emissions Standards
EPA plan to allow more air pollution draws friendly fire.

Renewable Fuel Standard Program
Learn more about the Environmental Protection Agency's national renewable fuel program, designed to encourage the blending of renewable fuels into the United States' motor vehicle fuel supply.

Energy Policy Act of 2005 Tax Credits
Learn what this energy bill means to you: from automobile and tax credits to business and fuel producer credits, find out how you can make the most of your choices.

Coalition for Affordable and Reliable Energy
Commentary on energy policy and legislation.

President Obama's Energy Security Policies
Policies of the Administration on America's energy security.

President's Energy Policy Lends Support to Alternative Fuels
Administration's energy policy includes incentives to provide Americans with alternative energy choices for home and transportation fuels.

President Obama's Energy Policy Includes a Focus on Clean Energy
President Obama's energy policy includes incentives for utilizing the country's clean energy potential and competing on a worldwide scale.

Research and Development Form Foundation for Obama Energy Policy
Research and development is at foundation of Obama energy policy.

Candidate Mitt Romney Has Outlined Energy Initiatives
The candidate's energy policy provides an outline for Romney's thoughts on America's future energy portfolio.

Despite Criticism, New Fuel Standards Will Ease Pain at the Pump
New fuel standards should ease cost of filling up.

EPA Lays Out Proposal to Support Renewable Fuels Expansion
EPA responds to earlier criticism with a new proposed rule relating to renewable fuel identification number validity.

New Pilot Programs Have Energy Department's Backing for Biofuel Development
New innovative biorefineries get federal backing.

Tesla Able to Pay Back Loan Ahead of Schedule
Strength of auto industry recovery includes electric vehicle market.

Clean Cities Program Helps Fleet Owners Switch to Alternative Fuels
Fleet owners find that Clean Cities funding helps with transition to alternative fuels.

President Obama Outlines Strategy for Addressing Climate Change
Understand these key features of the plan to sort fact from fiction.

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