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Political Considerations: Walking the Tightrope

Learn more about the responses, roles and influences of government, industry and private citizens in the future of renewable and alternative energy technologies.

New Fuel Standards Aimed at Bringing New Choices to Market
Obama Administration predicts new fuel standards will spur economic growth.

Renewable Fuels Association Critizes EPA Report
Renewable Fuels Association Critizes EPA Report

Fuel or Fool? A Look at the Cost Factors that Affect Alternative Fuels
In general, alternative fuels do tend to be less expensive than gasoline and petroleum diesel fuel. Learn more about the factors that influence the pricing, from geopolitics to supply and demand.

The Political Considerations of Alternative Fuels
Read more about the political implications of alternative fuels.

The Geopolitics of Natural Gas
Learn how natural gas is becoming an increasingly important component in politics and international relations around the world.

Poll: Americans Bash Bush on the Environment
According to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll published August 4, 2006, the majority of Americans say President Bush deserves a failing grade on environmental issues, especially for his response to global warming. Learn more.

Ford Motor Company: Making a Greener Today
Ford Motor Company talks about its "Cleaner/Greener" projects.

Greening of the National Park Service
Over 675 pieces of equipment and vehicles are utilizing biodiesel in the National Park Service. Learn more about their biodiesel program.

What it Takes to Replace a Barrel of Oil
Replacing a barrel of crude oil with alternative energy sources is not a straightforward process.

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