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These Companies Offer Propane Conversion Kits and Services

Check These Resources When Considering LPG Conversion


Despite being low in numbers, there are companies available in the U.S. that can perform propane conversions. To accomplish this, they must receive the required U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approval. In addition, a qualified system retrofitter, or QSR, must handle the installation.

Below is a list of propane conversion companies with an online presence that provide conversion services and/or conversion kits. Those marked with an asterisk were identified from information gleaned from the U.S. Department of Energy. If ordering a kit, be sure it is approved by the EPA. Secondly, consider whether you have the skills necessary to perform the conversion yourself or know someone who does. If you know of a company not listed that is certified to perform propane conversions, please let me know and I will consider adding them to this list.

A-1 Alternative Fuel Systems. Alternative Fuel Systems provides both compressed natural gas and liquid propane gas conversion services and are based in Fresno, Calif.

ACME Alternate Fuel Systems. Acme Alternate Fuel Systems is based in Mankato, Minn., and offers both propane conversion kits as well as training on installation.

American Alternative Fuel. American Alternative Fuel provides fuel supply infrastructure, conversion equipment, complete vehicles, service and maintenance for propane use and conversion. They are based in New York.

Baytech Corporation.* Baytech, a part of Landi Renzo USA, offers dedicated propane fuel-injected engines used in GM, Isuzu, and Workhorse Custom Chassis vehicles and chassis. The engines are EPA- and CARB-emissions-certified.

Bi-Phase Technologies.* Bi-Phase Technologies designs and manufactures liquid propane electronic fuel injection systems targeting fleets. Their conversion systems are EPA/CARB certified to the 2010 level, the most stringent emissions standard available. They are owned by the Schwan Food Company and developed the technology to convert that company's fleet of more than 5,000 vehicles.

Carburetion & Turbo Systems Inc. When this company started out, the wide majority of its work was in converting all kinds of engines to CNG and LPG. Today, most of its business involves shipping conversion kits around the world, although it still provides service for its local Minnesota customers.

Checkeye LPG Carburetion, Inc. Checkeye LPG Carburetion, Inc., is based in Springdale, Penn., and offers propane conversions and complete conversion kits.

Clean Fuel USA. Clean Fuel USA offers propane conversion services to fleet vehicles, as well as a number of other alternative fuel services and infrastructure solutions. They are headquartered in Texas with engineering facilities in Michigan.

Fuel Shop Inc.. This Florida company provides propane conversion services, beginning with a vehicle inspection. Installation onsite takes three days.

Got Propane.* This company's kits are only for off-road vehicles. The kits are not EPA-certified and the company does not sell kits for and this company does not sell kits for street-legal vehicles beginning in model year 1988 and newer.

Green's BlueFlame Gas Company, Inc. Green's Blue Flame partners with Alliance AutoGas, a nationwide group of propane conversion companies, to provide propane conversion services. The company's Houston-based propane fleet vehicle conversion center follow quality engine conversion standards that provide the framework of an operational conversion network both in Houston and across the country.

Jasper Engines. Jasper Alternative Fuels, a division of Jasper Engines & Transmissions, offers complete conversion packages, from alternative fuel engines to accessories, for conversion to propane or CNG.

Northwest Propane Gas Company. Northwest Propane Gas Company has been providing propane engine conversion services for more than 60 years. They have completed more than 20,000 conversions to date, for both public and private fleets.

Precision Sales and Services, Inc. Located in Birmingham, Ala., this company provides propane conversion as well as parts and service.

Oklahoma Liquefied Gas. Oklahoma Liquefied Gas offers propane conversion services, specializing in fleet conversions.

Raso Enterprises. This company sells kits, but specializes in heavy duty and commercial vehicles. There is a limited amount of information on personal carfleet vehicles, as well as off-road and agricultural equipment.

Roush Clean Tech.* The company designs, engineers, manufactures, and assembles propane and other alternative fuel systems for light- and medium-duty Ford trucks and vans. Several retrofit systems are also available.

Superior Propane. This Arizona-based company is primarily a supplier of propane, but will also work with you to convert your vehicle to run on LPG.

Technocarb. Based in British Columnbia, Technocarb designs and manufactures conversion systems that are vehicle specific, an approach the company says allows them to engineer each system to provide the best possible performance and emissions while also making for easier installation. In addition, Technocarb is a distributor of alternative fuel parts and components.

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