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From the owners: Learn more about the experiences and real life stories of owning a hybrid or alt fuel vehicle.
  1. Hybrid Car Owner Stories (1)

Ford Finds Owners Use Electric Mode Over Half the Time
Data collected through Ford's mobile app to finds plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle owners are driving in electric mode about 60 percent of the time.

2012 Top Ten Fuel Economy Leaders
The list of 2012 fuel economy leaders is dominated by EVs and hybrid cars.

2011 Chevy Volt in Class By Itself
The Chevy Volt is versatile enough to replace your gas combustion vehicle.

Toyota's Highlander Hybrid Under Investigation for Stalled Engines
Toyota's 2006 model Highlander Hybrid is under investigation by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration due to an issue with the vehicle stalling after reaching speeds of 40 mph.

FAQs About the 2010 Prius/2010 Lexus HS 250h Recalls
A FAQ about the Toyota hybrid brake recall

Toyota Hybrid Brake Recall Information
Information about the Toyota hybrid brake recall

Hybrids: The Real Deal or Marketing Hype?
Are hybrids just more marketing hype--or are they the real deal to saving fuel and emissions?

Diesel & Biodiesel Vehicles in Cold Weather: 3 Things to Be Aware of
Be mindful of these three issues on your diesel or biodiesel vehicle before cold weather strikes and youll eliminate the most common diesel cold weather starting dilemmas.

Routine Maintenance Schedule for Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Alternative fuel vehicle general maintenance schedule based on time and mileage.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Maintenance Guide
Alternative fuel vehicle maintenance: No matter what kind of juice powers your alternative fuel vehicle, this is the one stop for all your maintenance tips. Check out the fix-its for biodiesels and diesels, electrics, flex-fuels and more.

The Alternative Fuel Bible
Sorting through the wealth of information about alternative fuels certainly can be intimidating--and if you've ever really wondered what your choices are beyond gasoline, here's a list of resources to help you figure out the best alternative fuel and vehicle for you.

Tax Credits Are Available for Qualified Plug-in Electric Vehicles
As tax time approaches, consider whether your new plug-in electric vehicle could qualify for these tax credits.

Understand These Basics of Charging Stations
Understand how charging stations work before buying your plug-in hybrid or EV.

Follow These Steps When Installing Your Home Charging Station
Successful home charging station installation requires careful planning.

Compare Fuel Savings to Sticker Price
Calculate your costs over the lifetime of your vehicle to understand potential savings of hybrid car ownership.

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