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Technology & Development: Leading the Way

Read about the latest developments in alternative fuels. From new types of fuels to improved manufacturing and distribution, find out what's keeping researchers busy.

Evolving Battery Technologies Key to Hybrid, EV Future
Research and development through public-private partnerships in the area of battery technologies is essential to the future of hybrid and electric vehicle success.

Department of Energy is Giving a Boost to a Multitude of Vehicle Technologies
Research and development investments reveal technologies leading to improved efficiency for available hybrid and electric vehicles.

Learn Five Quick Facts About Algae as a Fuel
Learn what trends are affecting the further development of algae as a biofuel.

Advanced Biofuel Technologies
A number of advancements impact biofuel production.

Replacing Gasoline from Crude Oil Only Part of Problem
Biomass must replace many products currently derived from foreign crude oil to reduce foreign oil dependency.

New Funding Could Boost Necessary Technological Breakthroughs
The federal government has announced new dedication to alternative fuel development, particularly in the areas of algae biofuels and natural gas.

Compressed Natural Gas Conversion Companies
These companies offer CNG conversion kits and/or installation.

Check Out These Quick Questions on Algae Biofuels
Learn all about algae as a biofuel.

Three Quick Questions on Algae Biofuels
Learn all about algae as a biofuel.

Algae Facility Opens in Kentucky - One of World's Largest Algae Facilities Opens
Algae Facility Opens in Kentucky - One of World's Largest Algae Facilities Opens

Geothermal Energy Replaces Some Fossil Fuels
Heat from beneath the Earth's surface can generate electricity.

Costs Can Hinder Algae Development
Algae biofuels have a lot of positive attributes, but high costs of commercial production may slow further development.

Toyota Reaches 3 Million Hybrid Mark - Toyota Committed to Hybrids
Toyota Reaches 3 Million Hybrid Mark - Toyota Committed to Hybrids

Understanding Hybrid Vehicle Basics
Technological advancements continue to emerge in hybrid vehicles, but there are still a few basics common to most.

MINI E EV Review
A review of the MINI E EV

National Lab Puts Alternative Fuel Cars Through Their Paces
Advanced technology vehicles are put through their paces at Department of Energy's lab.

Chevy Volt
A gallery of the 2011 Chevy Volt

Battery Technologies Charge Ahead
Lithium-ion batteries used in today's electric and hybrid vehicles have many positive attributes, but there are drawbacks as well.

HCCI's Squeeze Play
HCCI is a type of engine technology that could be used to power future automobiles

How Inverters and Converters work in Hybrids and EVs
Learn how inverters and converters work to condition electricity for power and recharging in hybrids and EVs.

What is a Flywheel Hybrid?
Learn more about a flywheel hybrid, a hybrid car with a flywheel storage device.

Drive Green and Save Gas with the Kiwi
Learn how to drive efficiently and save fuel with the Kiwi.

BlueTEC Clean Diesel Technology
Learn about the BlueTEC diesel exhaust treatment system developed by Mercedes-Benz.

Reader Question: Should I Install a DPF Delete Kit on 2008 Ford F-250
A reader wonders if he should install a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) delete kit on his 2008 Ford F-250 truck.

Selective Catalytic Reduction and Clean Diesels
Selective Catalytic reduction (SCR) is a method of converting harmful diesel oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions, by catalytic reaction, into benign nitrogen gas and water.

AdBlue and Clean Diesels
AdBlue is a brand name for for Diesel Emissions Fluid, find out how this urea solution is used to scrub oxides of nitrogen from diesel exhaust.

Hydrogen Reformers for Fuel Cell Vehicles
Learn more about how hydrogen fuel cell cars are able to use a hydrogen reformer to convert liquid alt fuels into hydrogen gas.

ECO Pedal: Increased Fuel Economy is the Name of the Game
Increasing fuel economy and saving fuel is getting easier with NissanÂ’s new fuel-saving device: the ECO Pedal. HereÂ’s how it works and what we think of this new technology.

What is Syngas?
Learn more about Syngas and its use as a fuel.

What is Gasification?
Learn more about what gasification is and the thermo-chemical process by which carbon-rich feedstocks are converted into syngas.

What is Cetane?
Learn about cetane and how the cetane number can affect diesel engine performance.

Can You Really Run Your Car on Water?
We've all seen the ads that purport converting your car to run on water. Here's what to beware of.

Saturn Aura HCCI test car photo gallery
Check out the photos from Scott's test drive of GM's HCCI test vehicle.

Scott Drives the Saturn HCCI Test Mule
GM brought a Saturn Aura HCCI test mule to the East Coast for an automotive media introduction and briefing--read all about Scott's on-the-road driving experience of this latest fuel-saving engine technology.

HCCI - Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
It's diesel compression ignition technology for gasoline engines. Learn how and why this old yet new fuel-saving technology is on the comeback, along with its advantages and disadvantages.

Is Meeting Diesel Regulations Difficult?
Learn more about why clean diesel exhaust emission controls require a sophisticated set of control devices.

How are Diesel Emissions Measured and Regulated?
Learn about the test procedures used to verify that diesel engine designs meet the existing standard.

What Emissions are Measured in Diesel Exhaust?
Learn more about types of emissions that are regulated on diesel fuel in the United States.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Working Diagrams
From Proton Exchange Membrane to Molten Carbonate, these diagrams show how all the various types of fuel cells work.

How Exactly Do Fuel Cells Work?
How do fuel cells make electricity? What is the fuel for fuel cells? What kinds of fuel cells exist? Find the answers here.

What is a Fuel Cell?
What is a fuel cell? How long have fuel cells been around? Who invented fuel cells? Find the answers here.

Cylinder Deactivation
Have you heard of cylinder deactivation but don’t know what it is? Maybe you’ve heard it called Active Fuel Management or Displacement on Demand. Well, find out just what cylinder deactivation is, why it’s a good idea and how it works.

Energy Systems Integration Facility Supports Scale-up of Alternative Energies
The National Renewable Energy Lab's latest facility will help public and private entities scale up alternative energy projects.

Center for Transportation Analysis
Learn more about The Center for Transportation Analysis: They develop transportation solutions through innovative and cost-effective research and development.

Resources, Research, Tax Credits & Technology
Technology, resources, research and vehicle maintenance.

Surprising Facts About Electric Vehicles
Learn these ten facts about electric vehicles.

Big Changes Ahead for Solar
Solar sees new investment.

Stop-Start Hybrids Offer Yet Another Tool for Conserving Fuel
A special vehicle feature allows stop-start hybrids to conserve fuel while idling.

Quiz Yourself on These Biofuel Resources Facts
Find out how much you know about biofuel resources with these facts.

How Are Biofuels Being Used?
Test your knowledge of how biofuels are being used across the country today.

The National Transportation Research Center
Offering one of the most diverse concentrations of transportation researchers in the United States, NTRC is a window to transportation research programs at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the University of Tennessee.

Energy Department Puts $13M Behind Ocean Energy Project
The government is hoping technologies to harness power from the ocean will help with future energy demands.

Energy Innovation Hub Spurs Battery Development
The Energy Innovation Hub helps bring battery technologies to commercialization.

Solar Energy and Natural Gas Combine to From New Energy Source
Syngas forms when natural gas and sunlight are made into a new energy-rich fuel.

Surprising Facts About Solar Energy
Learn these unique facts about solar energy sources.

Toyota's Latest Move Underscores Battery Technology Tie With Hybrid Growth
Lithium-ion battery development is closely connected to expanding hybrid and electric vehicle market growth.

Advanced Dashboard Technologies Continue to Escalate
Alternative fuel vehicles have some of the most advanced dashboard technologies, but some safety experts worry about increased driver distraction.

2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid Test Drive
When it comes to handling, the 2014 Ford C-Max Hybrid is more than competent, devoid of most vices and totally predicable. It corners well and the steering has good on-center feel.

More MPG Woes For Ford C-Max Plus, Other Hybrids And Fiestas
Ford bragged about the 2013 C-Max Hybrid’s fuel economy rating, then got mud in its eye when forced to lower the numbers. Now it’s happened again and the Blue Oval is covered in the gooey stuff.

2014 Mitsubishi i-MiEV Overview

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