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Explore definitions and glossary terms about alternative fuels.
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Here Are Five Fun Facts on Hybrid Cars
Learn these fun and surprising bits of information about hybrid cars.

Renewable Energy Associations Can Be Useful Green Resources
This list of organizations and agencies dedicated to advancing renewable fuels can serve as a valuable resource.

What is Energy?
Learn how the law of energy applies to hybrid and all-electric cars.

Fuel Energy Comparisons: Gasoline Gallon Equivalents
Based on British Thermal Units (BTUs), this gasoline gallon equivalents chart compares the energy content of various fuels to that of a gallon of regular gasoline.

Books on Solar Energy
These guides and books describe the use of solar energy.

Alternative Fuels FAQ
Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about alternative fuels and vehicles.

What is Alternative Fuel?
It’s not gasoline, diesel or kerosene. Learn the basics on alternative fuels right here.

"Alternative" Alternative Fuel
A reader asks about turning ordinary household products into fuel.

Alternative Fuel Glossary of Terms
Download a PDF chock full of alternative fuel terminology and definitions.

Alternative Fuel Price Report
Find the most current pricing information on alternative fuels.

Station Locator for Alternative Fuels
Search the U.S. Dept. of Energy database for the alternative fuel filling station near you.

Biodiesel Fuel Station Locator
It's available in all 50 states: Use this map to find the location nearest you.

Fuel Cost Calculator
Use this tool to save money all year long by calculating and comparing the cost of different vehicles' fuel consumption.

Alternative Vehicle Make/Model Database
Search makes and models of available alternative fuel vehicles in the U.S. Dept. of Energy database.

Books on Hybrid Vehicles
A selection of books about electric hybrid cars for the entire family.

Books on Hydropower
These texts examine the pros and cons of further hydropower development.

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