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Books on Hydropower

Learn More About the Use of This Alternative Energy Source


The idea of using water as a source of energy is an attractive one, though not a new concept. Energy from water has been harnessed in numerous ways and exists as mammoth-scale developments in some areas of the world. But with the need to rely less and less on fossil fuels, the potential for further development of hydropower has come into the spotlight. In this selection of books, geared primarily for students and those with scholarly interest, you will learn more about this clean energy source, the many ways in which water plays into the alternative energy portfolio and technologies on the horizon that have the potential for further exploring this energy source. You will also examine the environmental and human concerns that have arisen around the globe from hydropower development.

Hydropower Economics

Hydropower Economics
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This book is geared toward an analysis of the economics of hydroelectric power, as its name suggests. it examines in detail the sustainable power sources, focusing on hydropower specifically but including models of thermal and wind power as well. Do not expect a simple read; this book is geared toward analytical and mathematical modeling that can generate conclusions that are used within the pages of this text. The author also discusses a number of market scenarios and the impact of supply, cost and price of sustainable energy.

Publisher: Springer
Book Format: Hardcover
Author: Finn R. Forsund
Pages: 278
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Dams and Hydropower

Dams and Hydropower Book
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Geared for children in grades 5 through 8, this brightly illustrated student's book provides a basic explanation of the use of hydropower and dams. It covers the benefits of large-scale dam projects, including irrigation and hydropower, yet also explains the environmental concerns and in some areas of the world, the human cost in terms of livelihoods. The goal of the text appears to be to examine some of the major impacts and issues caused by dams and hydropower today. Additional features to aid the student include informative sidebars, quotes and fact boxes to drive home important points. An added exercise: a debate project allows young readers to discuss the pros and cons of a proposed dam project.

Publisher: Rosen Pub Group
Book Format: Paperback
Author: Louise A. Spilsbury
Pages: 48


Hydropower Book
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Presented for young adult students, this text examines the use of hydropower as an important part of the overall energy portfolio in the U.S. and around the world. The book makes use of overviews, referenced sources and colorful illustrations to teach the issues surrounding the use of this alternative energy. Questions surrounding whether hydropower can reduce dependence one fossil fuels, its impact on the environment and the viability of smaller scale hydropower plants are all examined in detail. In addition, the book covers the potential for harnessing ocean power to meet a portion of future energy needs.

Publisher: Referencepoint Press
Book Format: Hardcover
Author: Stephen Curtis
Pages: 96
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Hydropower Form Small and Low-Head Hydro Technologies

Hydropower From Small Developments
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Greater attention is being paid to hydropower production due to concerns over global warming and dwindling supplies of fossil fuels. Currently accounting for about 6 percent of the country's electricity generation, this text describes what makes hydropower a clean energy source with zero greenhouse gas emissions. The author then notes that with large hydroelectric resources already developed, the focus falls to small and low-head hydropower resources and their potential. It describes the need for friendly regulatory situations and innovative thinking to spur development and the need for investing wisely in the nation's energy future.

Publisher: Nova Science Pub Inc
Book Format: Hardcover
Author: Edited by Amanda E. Niemi and Cory M. Fincher
Pages: 163
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