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Types of Fuels: Each One Explained

From biodiesel and ethanol (E85) to hydrogen and propane, learn the specific characteristics of each fuel and where to find them near you.
  1. Biodiesel (27)
  2. Biomass (4)
  3. Blends (2)
  4. Electricity (2)
  5. Ethanol (8)
  6. Hydrogen (11)
  7. Methanol (1)
  8. Natural Gas (11)
  9. P-series (1)
  10. Propane (9)

These Companies and Associations Develop Algae Fuels
There are several companies concentrating on R&D of algae biofuels.

What Makes Energy an Alternative Source?
Alternative energy refers to a wide array of energy sources.

Gasoline and Petroleum
Learn the origins of the terms gasoline and petroleum, words used to describe our everyday motor fuel.

Biobutanol: The Production, Process and Pros and Cons of this Alt Fuel
Learn the production and process basics of biobutanol, an alcohol-based motor fuel. Read how biobutanol is used as a motor fuel in addition to its pros and cons.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel 101
Learn the basics on ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) and how it affects newer and older diesel vehicles.

Alternative Fuels Station Finder
Find out where to fill up on alternative fuels in your neighborhood.

Take These Quizzes to Test Your Knowledge of Alternative Fuels
Test your knowledge about these renewable energy facts and see how much you know about biofuels and alternative energy.

Opportunities for Algae as Biofuel Remain
Algae has advantages over some other alternative fuels.

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