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Buying Hybrid Cars and Alternative Fuel Trucks and SUVs

Alternative fuel and hybrid cars, trucks and SUVs--there are so many choices. Read on for the best tips to finding the right alternative fuel vehicle, in addition to finding local fuel stations.
  1. Diesels & Biodiesels (30)
  2. Electric (44)
  3. Flex-fuels (FFVs) (18)
  4. Hybrid Cars Trucks and SUVs (64)
  5. Natural Gas (15)
  6. Propane (10)

Online Tool Helps Compare Cost of Hybrids to Conventional Cars
This simple tool can help you understand the economics of your potential hybrid car purchase.

Hybrid Technology Basics
Hybrid technology sets these vehicles apart.

Comparison of 2012 Mid-sized Hybrid Sedans
Your guide to comparing mid-sized hybrid sedans.

Photo Gallery of the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid
Photo Review of the 2012 Fusion Hybrid

2012 Top Ten Fuel Economy Leaders
The EPA's list of 2012 fuel economy leaders is dominated by hybrids and EVs.

Lexus LF-Gh Unites Hybrid Propulsion with Grand Touring Style
The Lexus LF-Gh unites luxury touring sedan design with hybrid propulsion.

Ford Escape Hybrid is Family Friendly
The Ford Escape Hybrid is a family-friendly 2011 green SUV choice.

Honda Insight Line-Up Includes Entry-Level Hybrid for 2011
Honda Insight line-up includes an entry-level hybrid for 2011.

2011 Chevy Volt in Class By Itself
It truly does defy defining, but the award-winning Chevy Volt deserves a second look.

Buick Regal Offers Hybrid Choice - 2012 Buick Regal eAssist
Buick Regal Offers Hybrid Choice - 2012 Buick Regal eAssist

Meet the Smallest Member of the Toyota Prius Family
Toyota Prius c is targeting those with smaller budgets.

National Lab Puts Alternative Fuel Cars Through Their Paces
Advanced fuels vehicles are put to the test at the U.S. Department of Energy's NREL.

Chevrolet Delivers Heft with 2011 Silverado Hybrid
Chevrolet offers a full-sized hybrid truck with the Siverado Hybrid.

Toyota Reaches 3 Million Hybrid Mark - Toyota Committed to Hybrids
Toyota Reaches 3 Million Hybrid Mark - Toyota Committed to Hybrids

2010 Hybrid Gallery
A gallery of 2010 hybrid cars, trucks and suvs

Understanding Basics of Flex Fuel Vehicles
Understanding flex fuel vehicles basics

Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles for 2009
It's the one stop for all your 2009 hybrid car and alt fuel vehicle digital tire kicking: Check out the 2009 cars, trucks and SUVs in hybrid, biodiesel and diesel, electric, flex-fuel, propane and natural gas form.

Hybrid Cars, Trucks and SUVs Available for 2009
Photos and descriptions of the 2009 hybrid cars, trucks and SUVs available.

Top 10 Hybrids & AFVs for 2008
Check out our top picks for the hybrids and alt fuel vehicles of 2008.

2008 Hybrids & Alt Fuel Vehicles
It's the one stop for all your alternative fuel vehicle needs: Check out the 2008 offerings in hybrid, biodiesel and diesel, electric, flex-fuel, propane and natural gas vehicles.

Fuel Economy Leaders for 2008
Here's the official list of the highest fuel economy vehicles in each class for the current model year.

AFVs at the 2007 New York Auto Show - Photo Gallery
The 2007 New York Auto Show. From E85 burning flex-fuels to hydrogen powered fuel cell cars, alternative fuels vehicles of every stripe are on display.

Top 10 Alternative Fuel Vehicles for 2007
Whether you're looking for a biodiesel, hybrid, natural gas or hybrid vehicle, check out our 2007 top picks of what's available in alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs).

Fuel Efficient Automobiles by Class
Find the latest vehicles with the best mpg ratings and fuel efficiency.

Clean Cars: What do Different Manufacturers Offer?
Find out what manufacturers have to offer in alternative fuel cars.

2011 Honda CR-Z Hybrid Pricing On-Sale Date
Honda CR-Z hybrid pricing

Vehicle Reviews, Previews, Photos and Test Drives
Buying guide for lternative fuel and hybrid cars, trucks and SUVs.

EVs, Hybrids Hold Appeal for Fleet Managers
Hybrids and EVs are becoming more prevalent among fleet vehicles.

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