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Photo Gallery of the 2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid


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Spacious Storage Capacity
2012 Ford Fusion Hybrid Trunk Area

The 2012 Fusion's cargo capacity is reduced with the Hybrid model, but still provides plenty of room for a family's luggage, groceries or sporting equipment.

Photo: Lori Weaver

With a trunk capacity of 11.8 cubic feet, the 2012 Fusion Hybrid sports less rear cargo room than its conventional counterpart which has a 16.5 cubic foot trunk capacity. But the Hybrid model's trunk still has plenty of room to make small work of a family's weekly groceries, luggage or recreational equipment.

For those smaller storage needs, a top-of-dash storage bin comes standard, as does a pullout instrument panel storage tray, just above the climate control. a two-tier front center console and integrated front door trim panel storage bin round out the standard storage places.

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