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Types of Vehicles

There is a vast array of vehicles designed to utilize alternative fuels. Learn more about the current options and the concepts to come.
  1. Concept Vehicles (7)
  2. Diesel & Biodiesel Vehicles (6)
  3. Electric Vehicles (11)
  4. Flex-fuels (FFVs) (15)
  5. Hybrid Vehicles (31)
  6. Hydrogen Vehicles (8)

Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles for 2009
It's the one stop for all your 2009 hybrid car and alt fuel vehicle digital tire kicking: Check out the 2009 cars, trucks and SUVs in hybrid, biodiesel and diesel, electric, flex-fuel, propane and natural gas form.

2008 Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Hybrids at Philadelphia Auto Show
Check out the alt fuelers and hybrids at the 2008 Philadelphia Auto Show.

2008 Detroit - North American International Auto Show
Check out what's happening with the latest alt fuel vehicles and hybrids at the 2008 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.

Hybrid Hub
Whether you're looking to bone up on hybrid basics and maintenance or looking for photos and test drives of the latest models, start here to find the answers.

Hybrid Vehicle FAQs
You've got questions about hybrids, we've got answers. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about hybrid vehicles--and their answers.

Before You Buy a Diesel or Biodiesel Vehicle
Find out what vehicles are available to utilize biodiesel, an alternative fuel.

A Look at DaimlerChrysler's Electric GEM
Take a look at the GEM electric car that is generating a lot of interest—while it isn’t for everyone, it is certainly filling a need for cleaner transportation around the world.

Before You Buy a Flex-fuel (E85) Vehicle
Check out a sampling of prices and mileage for the popular FFVs available.

Before You Buy a Hybrid Vehicle
Learn more about the specifications and pricing information on available hybrids.

Search the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Database
The search is on: Enter your fuel of choice, the make and model and find out exactly which alternative fuel vehicle is right for you.

Which Vehicles Use Biodiesel?
Learn what vehicles are best for using biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from vegetable oil.

Learn More About Electric Vehicles
Learn more about the types of electric vehicles that are available.

Which Vehicles Use Ethanol?
Learn which vehicles can use ethanol, an alternative fuel made from corn, grain or agricultural waste.

Learn More About Hydrogen Vehicles
Learn more about vehicles that can utilize hydrogen, an alternative fuel.

Which Vehicles Use Natural Gas?
Find out which vehicles can utilize natural gas, an alternative fuel.

Learn More About Propane Vehicles
Learn more about vehicles that can operate on propane, an alternative fuel.

Alternatives are Fueling Fleets and Niche Markets
Find out about the fleet applications and niche markets of alternative fuels.

What Do You Know About Alternative Fuel Vehicles?
See how your knowledge of vehicle technologies stacks up against these fact lists and quizzes.

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