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2007 Natural Gas Vehicles Available


2007 Natural Gas Vehicles Available

2007 Honda GX NGV

Honda Motor Co.

What's Available for 2007?

The Honda Civic GX
The cleanest internal-combustion vehicle on Earth. That’s some high praise from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Learn how the GX performed during our test drive and review:

Trucks Available

2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, 2500, 3500 HD Classic
Natural Gas Modification: $850 (may only be available on limited models and in certain areas)
Check with your local dealer to confirm availability in your area.

Did You Know?

While some dedicated vehicles are designed to run only on natural gas, there are also bi-fuel vehicles—they make the best of both worlds and have two separate fueling systems. Bi means two—and they can use two fuels: natural gas AND gasoline or diesel. While dedicated natural gas vehicles show better performance and lower emissions than bi-fuel vehicles, there are a variety of options to meet your needs.

With the limited options of 2007 vehicles available, you may even want to consider retrofitting a car or truck to utilize natural gas with an aftermarket conversion system. And stay tuned—according to the United States Department of Energy, vehicles fueled with a blend of compressed natural gas and hydrogen are currently being tested.

And remember, compressed natural gas is dispensed in equivalent gallons, yet the fuel economy is referred to in the gas gallon equivalent (GGE).

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