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The Basics


Learn the basics about alternative fuels. From biodiesel, natural gas and E85-compatible vehicles to electric cars and hybrids, find answers here.
  1. What is Alternative Fuel?
  2. Biodiesel & Diesel 101
  3. Hybrids 101
  4. Ethanol 101
  5. Electricity 101
  1. Biomass 101
  2. Hydrogen 101
  3. Natural Gas & Propane 101
  4. Algae Biofuels 101
  5. Other Alternative Energy Sources 101

What is Alternative Fuel?

Find out what makes a fuel alternative, and where it's available to fuel up.

Biodiesel & Diesel 101

Find answers to your questions about biodiesel, an alternative fuel made from vegetable oil, and the newest generation of diesel fuel, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD).

Hybrids 101

Learn what makes a vehicle a hybrid and how gasoline and electricity work together in full, mild and plug-in hybrids.

Ethanol 101

Learn more about ethanol, an alternative fuel made from grains and biomass that is used in flex-fuel vehicles.

Electricity 101

Electricity is the cleanest alternative fuel when it's generated by renewable resources such as wind and solar. See how electricity can be harnessed to power vehicles.

Biomass 101

Learn the basics of biomass--it's alternative fuel and much more.

Hydrogen 101

Learn more about hydrogen, an alternative fuel that can power fuel cells in electric vehicles.

Natural Gas & Propane 101

Learn the basics about the use of natural gas and propane as alternative fuels.

Algae Biofuels 101

Learn how new technologies are turning algae into biofuels.

Other Alternative Energy Sources 101

In addition to biofuels and alternative transportation fuels, there are other alternative and renewable energy sources.

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