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Electric Vehicle Basics

Here's the place to start learning about how all-electric vehicles work.

Three More Top Reasons to Purchase an EV
Here are another three top reasons why you should consider an electric vehicle when making your next new vehicle purchase.

Top Three Reasons for Choosing an Electric Vehicle
Here are top reasons to make an electric vehicle purchase when shopping for a new car.

Five Facts on Electric Cars
Keep these facts in mind when considering an electric car.

Nissan LEAF is No-Emission Vehicle
Nissan opens a new era for no-emission vehicles with the introduction of the Nissan LEAF to mainstream markets.

How Does Regenerative Braking Work?
Learn how hybrids and all-electric vehicles create their own power for battery recharging through a process known as regenerative braking.

How Electric Motors and Generators Work
Electric cars and hybrids rely upon electric motors for propulsion and assistance--learn more about how these electric motors and generators work.

Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles for 2009
It's the one stop for all your 2009 hybrid car and alt fuel vehicle digital tire kicking: Check out the 2009 cars, trucks and SUVs in hybrid, biodiesel and diesel, electric, flex-fuel, propane and natural gas form.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Conversion Companies
Here's our constantly-growing reference listing of companies that offer electric vehicle (EV) conversions and all-electric car components.

Meet EVCast Host: Bo Bennett
Bo Bennett, host of EVCast, answers some questions about how he got into covering electric vehicles.

Electric Car Question: Why do Electric Cars Need to be Plugged in?
Alternators and voltage regulators have been in automotive vehicles for years--find out the answer to this reader's question on why electric cars need to be plugged in to recharge.

How Do Plug-in Hybrids Work?
Plug-in hybrids take electric vehicles to the next level. Plug-ins are designed to rely predominantly on the electric motor for propulsion, with the internal combustion engine as back-up. Learn more about how they work.

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