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Hybrid Vehicle Basics

Learn the basics of hybrid vehicles: how they work and more.

Top Five Reasons to Switch to a Hybrid Vehicle
There are several strong reasons for making the switch to a hybrid vehicle.

Hybrid Technology Basics
Understanding how hybrid vehicles work.

Understanding Hybrid Vehicle Basics
Learning the basics can help make your decision easier on whether a hybrid vehicle is the right choice for you.

Regenerative Braking
How regenerative braking helps to stop a hybrid or EV while recharging the battery

Hybrid and Alternative Fuel Vehicles for 2009
It's the one stop for all your 2009 hybrid car and alt fuel vehicle digital tire kicking: Check out the 2009 cars, trucks and SUVs in hybrid, biodiesel and diesel, electric, flex-fuel, propane and natural gas form.

Hybrid Technology Terms
There are several hybrid vehicle versions available on the market today.

Plugging into the New Generation of Hybrids
Understanding the difference between conventional and plugged-in hybrids is not nearly as complicated as it might seem at first glance.

How Does Regenerative Braking Work?
Learn how hybrids and all-electric vehicles create their own power for battery recharging through a process known as regenerative braking.

How Electric Motors and Generators Work
Electric cars and hybrids rely upon electric motors for propulsion and assistance--learn more about how these electric motors and generators work.

Camry Hybrid Assembly line Production
Check out these unique steps of the Toyota Camry Hybrid's production at the Georgetown, KY manufacturing plant.

Honda Civic EX versus Honda Civic Hybrid Fuel Mileage Comparo
The rubber hits the road in Scott's driving testorama in which his four tests provide a real life head-to-head comparison of the 1.8-liter 4-cylinder Honda Civic EX vs. the 1.3-liter Honda Civic Hybrid.

Saving Lots of Fuel with Scott: Pulse and Glide in a Hybrid
Hypermiling using Pulse and Glide (P&G) for superior fuel ecomomy.

Saving Lots of Fuel with Scott: Forced Auto Stop
Hypermiling using Forced Auto Stop (FAS) for effective fuel savings.

Hypermiling (Saving Lots of Fuel) in a Hybrid
Hypermiling for superior fuel economy: Learn the tricks and techniques employed in hypermiling to maximize your vehicle's fuel mileage.

How to Help Your Hybrid Beat the Wintertime Blues
Find out why winter's dropping temperatures affect hybrid fuel economy--and how to fight back.

What is a Two-Mode Hybrid?
Find out what a two-mode hybrid is, how two-mode hybrids work, and what makes them different from full hybrids.

Hybrids: The Real Deal or Marketing Hype?
Are hybrids just more marketing hype--or are they the real deal to saving fuel and emissions?

Hybrids 101
Start here to begin learning the basics about hybrids and electricity as an alternative fuel.

Hybrid Maintenance
Learn about the best maintenance tips to help keep all the components of your hybrid in peak condition.

Hybrid Tax Credits
Find out how much of a federal tax credit you're due if you buy a hybrid in the United States.

How Hybrids Work
Learn about the inner workings of a hybrid vehicle, and how they seamlessly integrate an internal combustion engine, an electric motor and a battery.

What Hybrid Models are Currently Available?
Find out all of the models of hybrid vehicles available.

How do Hybrid Batteries Re-charge? Do I Need to Plug a Hybrid In?
Learn more about the batteries in hybrid vehicles.

Are Hybrid Vehicles Safe?
Learn about the safety of hybrid vehicles and how they compare to conventional vehicles.

Is it Expensive to Replace Hybrid Batteries? How Long do They Last?
Learn about the replacement cost and life of hybrid batteries.

Where are the Hybrid Batteries Located in a Hybrid Car?
Learn more about the batteries that help power hybrid vehicles.

What Rebates and Tax Breaks are Available for Hybrids?
Tax credits, rebates and incentives available for hybrid vehicles.

Do Hybrids Cost More to Maintain?
Learn why the cost of maintaining a hybrid car is quite similar to the expenses of maintaining a conventional car.

Ford to Launch its First Plug-in Hybrid with C-MAX Energi
Ford will launch its first plug-in hybrid, C-MAX Energi, in 2012, promising even better fuel efficiency than Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Five Facts About Hybrid Vehicles
Although hybrid cars have been on the market more than 10 years, confusion continues over these green vehicles.

Improved Technologies Serve as Catalyst for Consumers Choosing Hybrids
Hybrids hold appeal for growing number of consumers.

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