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Lifestyle: Everyday Choices That Make a Difference

From choosing fuel efficient cars to improved driving habits, discover even more ways to improve your auto fuel economy, reduce your carbon footprint and make greener car choices.

City Offers Example of Expanding Solar Opportunities
Solar energy pilot programs can serve as models for other cities embracing an improved renewable energy portfolio.

Twelve Ways: Alternatives & Options for a Renewable New Year
Motor into the New Year in a cleaner, greener way by utilizing these 12 tips.

Replacing Gasoline from Crude Oil Only Part of Problem
Replacing gasoline is only one aspect of reducing dependency on foreign oil.

Meet FuelClinic.com Creator: Michael Bragg
Learn how FuelClinic.com got its start in helping folks save gas through tracking their mileage after each fill-up.

Reader Question: Does Acetone Help to Increase Fuel Mileage Economy?
A reader is wondering if acetone can be added to a tank of gasoline to increase fuel economy—here’s our answer.

Top 20 Simplest & Easiest Ways to Drive Efficiently
Here's our list of the best ways to drive more efficiently and help the fuel tank stay fuller, longer.

Saving Lots of Fuel with Scott: Pulse and Glide in a Hybrid
Hypermiling using Pulse and Glide (P&G) for superior fuel ecomomy.

Saving Lots of Fuel with Scott: Forced Auto Stop
Hypermiling using Forced Auto Stop (FAS) for effective fuel savings.

Hypermiling (Saving Lots of Fuel) in a Hybrid
Hypermiling for superior fuel economy: Learn the tricks and techniques employed in hypermiling to maximize your vehicle's fuel mileage.

A Bundle of Green-er Holiday Tips & Gifts
A bundle of tips and tricks to help you live lighter and green-er while taking care of your holiday to-dos.

It's Easier Than You Might Think
Perhaps all this talk about alternatives seems nice but not realistic. Let's consider the reasons why using alternative fuels might be easier than you think.

Top 10 Reasons to Make the Switch to Alternative Fuels
Whether you like to personalize your lifestyle, stand up for what you believe in or just have more fun, there are more ways than one to utilize the best of what alternative fuels have to offer.

Do Alternative Fuels Make a Difference?
After all, it's the big question on your mind, right: What's the big deal about alternatives?

How to Recycle Different Types of Plastics
Learn the low-down on recycling plastic with Larry West, the About Environmental Issues Guide.

Small Steps to Keep Your House Cool
Keep the simple ideas in mind to keep your house cooler and save energy.

Top 10 Carbon-less Christmas Gifts
Environmentally Conscious Gift Ideas: Need a gift and don't know what to get for someone who has it all? Give more for less with a carbon-less gift this holiday season.

A Cleaner Christmas, A Simpler Holiday
Do more for less this holiday season: Think past the tinsel and trash to a world where we feel a deeper connection with ourselves, others and the earth.

Ride Sharing to Save Energy
It's more fun to travel together: Carpool, vanpool and ride share to events, school and work.

Quick Facts & Quizzes
Learn these facts on alternative energy, and quiz yourself on your knowledge of biofuels and green energy.

Five Tips for Getting the Best Fuel Efficiency
Here are five steps you can take for optimal hybrid vehicle efficiency.

2014 CIVIC Natural GasTest Drive
Combine a Honda Civic with the super clean efficiency of natural gas and you have a clean choice - by Larry E. Hall

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