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Other Applications: It's Not Just for Cars

From home heating to agriculture and public transportation usage, alternative fuels are powering much more than daily-driver vehicles. Discover the many other uses of alternative fuels.

Here are the Movers and Shakers in the Green Energy Movement
EPA's quarterly list is a handy resource of entities walking the green talk.

These Companies and Associations Develop Algae Fuels
These companies are focusing on algae applications for jet fuels.

Fuel Cells Offer Non-Combustion Option
New fuel cell technologies may reach vehicle applications in the future.

Solar Energy is a Clean, Renewable Fuel Choice
Solar energy is renewable and may play a role in fueling your future car.

Geothermal Energy Replaces Some Fossil Fuels
Heat from beneath the Earth's surface can generate electricity.

Wind Provides Another Clean Energy Option
Wind turbines provide clean source of energy.

Ethanol for 4-Wheel Drive & Offroad Vehicles
Learn more about utilizing ethanol, an alternative fuel for 4-wheel drive and offroad vehicles.

Alternative Fuels in Your Cell Phone
Learn more about fuel cell technology under current development that will use methanol as a source of portable power.

Burning Clean
Find out how biodiesel is fueling the fun at amusement parks around the world.

Biodiesel is For Home Heating Also
Find out how you can fill up on biodiesel for all your home heating needs.

Good Green Fun
Learn how amusement parks and science centers are utilizing clean, renewable solar and wind energy.

BioTrucker: America's Farmers Fueling America's Truckers
Find out more about how America's farmers are powering truckers across the country.

Greening of the National Park Service
Learn more about how the National Park Service is utilizing biodiesel in their equipment and vehicles.

These Companies Can Help You Learn More About Solar Energy
Solar energy may have potential for fueling vehicles.

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